Waco's local source for pasture-raised chicken and eggs, grass-fed beef, and raw honey

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Our chicken is raised outside in sunshine and fresh air – the way it should be! Pasture raised chicken is nutritious and delicious. Whole chickens and pieces available.


Our laying flock thrives on our pasture-based farm. They soak up sunshine while scratching and pecking the pasture for bugs, seeds, and forage. Most importantly – they produce the best eggs in the world. Pasture-raised eggs are a nutrient-dense super food.


Available for pre-order now!

Our beef is grass-fed and pasture-raised. Grass-fed beef offers excellent nutrition and health benefits. Our cattle enjoy life and are always on pasture and never in a feed lot. 


Honeybees are vital to the vibrancy of our farm and daily lives. Our 100% pure honey is raw and unfiltered, leaving all of its natural benefits intact. Our bees are surrounded by mesquite, cedar, and all sorts of wildflowers.